1. Joseph got to go to a friend’s birthday party last weekend (first one in nearly two years!) and he had SO much fun. Mini golf, pizza, ice cream, and a pinata were a big hit!

2. Dominic got this magnetic mosaic designer for his birthday and has been loving it. He is also so gracious and lets Isabelle use it when she asks. It’s great for color and number recognition; if you have any preschool-age (or a little older) kids on your shopping list this year, I highly recommend!

3. Yesterday, Isabelle’s preschool class made spider hats. She LOVED it, oh my goodness. She wore it all day long and asked to be called “Miss Spider Legs” 😂

4. From the James Clear newsletter: “Do less. Keep returning to one thing and continue to refine it.” I love this and it reminds me of the “Go deep, not wide” philosophy I read about a couple of years ago.

5. Really good, reasonable guidelines for using social media >> 10 Rules for Using Social Media Intentionally

6. And on that note, this feels spot-on:

7. So inspired by how neat and tidy this under-the-kitchen-sink area looks! Mine needs an overhaul badly!

8. I love, love, love this idea of a reverse Advent calendar to focus on giving during the Christmas season.

9. Have you watched any good movies recently? We mostly just watch streaming shows, but a couple of weeks ago watched The Courier (we love Benedict Cumberbatch stuff). It was really good, but I think we’ve been ruined by really good TV… we both thought it would have been even better as a multi-part TV series with more story development.

10. TGIF! Sometimes we all just crash hard on the couch after the kids go to bed 😆