1. Dominic and Isabelle’s countdown to Christmas posters from school are bringing me so much joy! I love Dominic’s following the stars to Bethlehem (it’s the very first thing he does every morning) and I have vivid memories of doing the cotton balls on Santa’s beard when I was little; Isabelle loves her daily ritual!

2. Forgot to post the photo last week of the kids digging into their shoes the morning after St. Nick made a visit!

3. Love this cookie time machine! I would actually love to see even more recipes from each of the decades past.

4. We had an AMAZING sunrise this week!

6. Are you doing tons of holiday baking this weekend? The kids will be out of school most of next week and they’re excited about gingerbread men cookies and sugar cookie cutouts! I’d love to make some nut roll, chocolate crinkle cookies, as well as snickerdoodles, snowballs, Danish butter cookies, and orange cookies (those are some of my husband’s favorites!).

7. I fell in love with Tim McGraw’s music when I was in college and am head over heels for his redo of “The Cowboy in Me” that was featured in the opening of Yellowstone this past week. So slow and peaceful, loved it!

8. Love this:

9. A quick housekeeping note – with the holidays falling on Friday and Saturday this year, Friday Things and The Weekend Dish will be on hiatus until January. I hope you and your family have the most wonderful Christmas holiday and begin the new year full of happiness, health, and a heart full of joy and peace

10. TGIF! Snuggle buddies :)