1. Joseph turned SEVEN this week! I can’t even wrap my head around how quickly the years march on. I heard it first when Joseph was a baby and it still rings oh so true: “the days are long, but the years are short”. He is such a little man, has so much personality, and such passion in his interests. It’s such a joy being his mom and getting a front-row seat in his life. We celebrated with vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting (his request) after school!

2. And we got snow… a lot of snow! The kids were SO excited! They spent so much time outside playing, then we all had hot chocolate, snuggled up to watch TV, and everyone crashed early. It was such a great winter day.

3. I might be in the minority here, but the kids going back to school after break makes me so sad! Everyone seems excited to send the kids back after summer and break, but we just enjoy having them home and us all being together so much, we were so sad the first day that Joseph went back!

4. Who is playing Wordle? My Facebook feed is filled with people’s cube of colors and I don’t understand?! I downloaded the app and have played it a few times but I don’t quite understand what the fuss is (and I don’t get those boxes which I assume are scores?); perhaps I’m just not good at it, ha!

5. How to Make the Most of Your 24 Hours >> A few good tips, but my favorite part of the piece: There’s always a fresh supply of time. We get the same amount of time no matter who we are, and we get a fresh batch of 24 hours every day, no matter how terribly we spent the previous 24 hours. It’s a fresh start, over and over…”

6. It is going to be FREEZING here the next couple of days; if you need to warm up, this Chipotle Chicken and Corn Chowder would be perfect!

7. My mom gave me a box of old things at least a couple of years ago that has been sitting in our basement. I finally went through it last weekend and oh my goodness, some of the gems I found! It was mostly things from my grade school years, old report cards, writings, projects, etc. Just as I’d remembered, I was very into sports at a very young age, an old Christmas list sounded like one Joseph may have made this year, and apparently, at one point I wanted to be an astronaut. There were also a few more, *ahem*, “needs improvement” remarks on my report card than I remembered, ha!

8. The Perfect Decluttering Tip… >> using “we got our use out of them” is such a great mindset shift.

9. What are you watching on TV right now? Give me your recommendations! We finished the last season of Cobra Kai (if we weren’t 80s kids I’m not sure how much we would appreciate it), but have been scrambling looking for something else to binge, haven’t found anything we like yet.

10. TGIF! These two sure know how to snuggle up in front of a fire! xo