1. School was closed yesterday and again today due to the ice and snow that we’re getting here. On top of the three two-hour delays they had last week, it’s been a bit like another mini-break with lazy mornings. I love it!

2. I relive my childhood a bit every time I see a delay or cancellation notice, although I feel like my kids won’t TOTALLY understand the intense anticipation of sitting next to the radio first thing in the morning listening to all of the school delays and cancellations being read, waiting for them to get to your school’s letter in the alphabet, and then either sheer elation when you heard it called, or plummeting despair if it wasn’t, knowing you had to go get ready for school 😂 While the text notifications from the school are super convenient, it’s not quite the same, ha!

3. All that being said, if you are (or have been) in the path of this storm, I hope you and your family are safe, your home hasn’t sustained any damage, and you haven’t lost power. Stay safe!

4. Do you know that amazing smell that hits you as soon as you walk into a Williams Sonoma store? Well now you can recreate that smell at home; they shared the recipe for their “signature simmer pot” on their blog. It would be wonderful to put on the stove if you’re having company!

5. Some good nuggets in here >> 9 iPhone Tricks Most People Don’t Know About

6. What’s your favorite thing to bake or cook on a snow day??

7. I recently discovered the Instagram account @food4tots and just adore it; don’t worry if you don’t have little kids, so much of what Paige shares is super helpful if you’re feeding a family, no matter their ages.

8. Super Bowl is set! Who are you rooting for?

9. We’ve been watching 1883, but also finally watched the last season (season 6) of Line of Duty (BritBox). One of our very favorites!

10. TGIF! Not sure she could press her nose against the window any harder 🤣