1. It was an exciting week for the kids! On Tuesday night, the Pittsburgh Penguins held their Hockey Fights Cancer night and Dominic was invited to ride the zamboni after pre-game warmups. It was such a fun experience for him, and he, Joseph, and Isabelle had a great time taking in their very first hockey game!

We are so grateful that Dominic is currently in a place to be able to enjoy an experience like this 💙

2. We had our first little snow this week!! Just a dusting on the ground but it looked just like a snow globe as it was falling. Isabelle came into the kitchen, glanced out the window and shrieked, “IT’S SNOWING!!!!” and ran to the window so excitedly. I wish I had a video of it and I hope I never forget the sheer joy in her voice. We celebrated with hot chocolate when the boys got home from school 😊

3. Have you started decorating for Christmas yet? We’re starting to get some stuff up and I could not possibly be more excited 🎄

4. So many fabulous classics that I can’t wait to share with the kids when they’re a little bit older!! >> 20 Iconic 80s Teen Movies You Want to Watch With YOUR Teens … Thanks to Say Anything I literally cannot hear Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” without thinking of my two high school best friends and even if I haven’t connected with them in months upon months, I immediately message them ❤️

5. What’s your favorite cereal to have as an evening snack or treat? I ate a leftover box of Frosted Flakes from one of Dominic’s hospital stays a couple of months ago, and it was total nostalgia for me! I wouldn’t eat it every morning for breakfast, but once in a while for a nighttime snack? Bliss. Do you have any cereals like this?

6. In case you missed it yesterday, I shared our Thanksgiving menu for this year. I hope you’ll check it out and grab some inspiration if you’re still in the meal-planning stage for next week!

7. THIS, my goodness >>

8. I have seen almost every person I know going bananas trying to get Taylor Swift tickets this week. I’m starting to feel like the only person who has never even listened to one of her albums. I’m not, right? 😉

9. TV! The start to Yellowstone seemed a little slower than in previous premiers but still looooooving it. We also started the new season of The Crown and are watching new episodes of Doc Martin as they’re available. If you watch, what did you think of Yellowstone and The Crown?

10. TGIF! These two snuggle bugs are freshly groomed for the holidays!