1. Dominic completed another cycle of immunotherapy and low-dose chemotherapy last week. It was one of the better weeks he has ever had of this treatment; we were grateful that he wasn’t too sick and too knocked out most of the days and even asked to go to the playroom multiple times. We will head to New York next week for a new set of scans… as we do with each and every scan, we are praying that they are finally clear, but just hope that there is continued improvement 🙏🏻

2. The kids did a tennis clinic this week! It was fun seeing them learn something new; they all had a good time and want to play more 😊

3. Can we talk about thinning hair? My hair has been thinning since last summer, and I assumed that it was just the stress of Dominic’s situation. My hair stylist also mentioned that they are finding a connection between thinning hair and having had the ‘rona, which I had in January 2022, so maybe I got a one-two punch?! In any case, has anyone been down this tried and found something that helped? I tried biotin vitamins, but they don’t seem to have done anything. I know there are some specialty products and shampoos, and some other types of vitamins. Who has recommendations?!

4. I wanted to pass along that for Joseph’s first communion, we got him a custom-made rosary that was just beautiful. The woman who made it is local and also has an Etsy shop. We were so thrilled with it and I wanted to share in the event someone else is looking for a special rosary.

5. Interesting! Making friends as a grownup is hard, right?! Everyone is busy! >> Is the 3:6 Rule the Secret to Making Friends as an Adult?

6. If you are celebrating Father’s Day this weekend, what are you cooking or baking? I love a homemade coconut cream pie or no bake heavenly Oreo dessert as dessert options 😋

7. This may be old news, but have you heard of or tried Rakuten? You use an extension on your browser, and anytime you shop on a participating website, you earn cash back (real, actual cash!). Sometimes it’s just a few dollars, but depending on the deals, you can sometimes get 10-20%, which is enormous! If you want to try it, you can sign up here. If you use a desktop computer, once you are signed up and have the browser extension, you don’t have to do anything… if you are on a participating website, a little box will show you the cash back, and you click to accept.

8. I love this list! >> 100 Simple Ways to Immediately Improve Your Life

9. Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been watching McDonald & Dodds on BritBox. It’s a British crime drama, but not terribly heavy and an easy watch.

10. TGIF! This sweet boy has a BIG birthday in a couple of weeks! 🎉