1. Dominic finished up another cycle of treatment last night; he fared really well this week, kept busy with hospital bingo, a Kiwi box, and a new Hulk Lego set. He will have multiple scans done towards the end of the month and then we should have a clear picture of what our next steps will be.

Little boy sitting in a hospital bed putting together a Lego set.

2. Isabelle LOVES watching the end of Joseph’s golf lessons ❤️

Girl standing with hands on hips in front of a practice putting green.

3. These two have really bonded so much over the last year and it is just the sweetest.

Little boy and girl in pajamas snuggling.

4. This ice cream serving hack had me 🤯 So brilliant!!

5. I LOVED Reading Rainbow as a kid!! >> How an Untested, Cash-Strapped TV Show About Books Became an American Classic

6. If you haven’t had an ice cream cake yet this summer, make my homemade Dairy Queen ice cream cake. Super easy and you can use your favorite flavors, but mmmm that fudge and crunch layer!

7. I love the idea of #1 on this list! >> 13 Things to Do With Friends (That Aren’t Dinner)

8. This is amazing, love it so much >> Senior Citizens Take the Ice at Snoopy’s Hockey Tournament

9. What’s the best thing you’ve made this summer? Inspire me!

10. TGIF! The most comfortable dog the world has ever known…

Golden retriever sleeping on a brown leather couch.