Little girl sitting in a kitchen chair smiling at the camera.

1. It’s been a whirlwind week at our house! First up, the kids had their first day of school and they all came home so, so happy. They love their teachers, were happy to see old friends and make some new ones, as well. Isabelle started kindergarten, and I was so thrilled that she loved it and couldn’t wait to go back every single day. It also completely melted my heart that when I picked them up yesterday, she and Dominic recounted to me how many times they saw each other throughout the day and that he gave her lots of hugs and they played together at recess ❤️

2. Dominic and I had to do a quick 48-hour trip to New York for scans and appointments. We don’t have all of the results back yet, waiting on bone marrow biopsy results before hearing from the doctor and finding out what our next steps are. The novelty of having his picture up on the wall still hasn’t worn off lol.

Boy standing in a hallway underneath a photo of a boy using a doctor's kit on a stuffed animal.

3. Joseph had his very first baseball practice this week; he had never expressed interest in playing before but this summer said he really wanted to try it. I love that he wanted to try something new, and I also think it’s crazy that kids’ sports nowadays make it so that starting something at 8 years old almost feels “too late”. Things have changed so much since I was a kid!

Boy hitting a baseball towards a fence.

4. Have you seen these indoor plug-in fly traps? I’ve seen a few people share videos of what they’ve caught in them and it’s crazy! We don’t get many bugs in our house (maybe a stray fly when someone is opening or closing a door), but there is nothing more annoying than random fruit flies!

5. I saw a meme that said, “August is the last month before the ‘Ber months”… I am 100% here for all of the coziness that September, October, November, and December bring ❤️

6. Today is National Banana Split Day! Do you like them? I’ve honestly never been a huge fan, but I LOVE banana split-themed desserts. My no-bake banana split dessert is an easy one to whip up quickly and you can add the banana split ice cream cake to your weekend plans 🤩

7. If your kids are back to school and you have to send in a snack, one of my favorite Instagram follows, Paige, shared this list of snacks her kids are loving right now. Some great ideas!

8. Do you watch a lot of football in the fall? Our house has morphed into a very big college football-watching house over the last couple of years. What are your favorite things to eat while watching?

9. What’s the last movie that you watched?

10. TGIF! These pups know how to relax 😄

Two dogs laying next to each other on a kitchen floor.