2017 Holiday Gift Guide: Babies & Toddlers

The 2017 gift guide series continues with all of my best picks for babies and toddlers! 

A collage of gift ideas for babies and toddlers.

Hello hello!

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? I’m starting to organize all of my ideas, but have yet to buy one thing yet! If you have any little ones to buy for this year, this gift guide is going to give you a TON of ideas!

I have rounded up everything that we use and love at our house and that have been big hits with the boys. There is a wide range of price points, and everything from big gifts to stocking stuffers, so there is definitely no shortage of ideas. Have fun browsing!

P.S. You can find last year’s kid’s gift guide here!

The North Face Toddler Glacier Full Zip Hoodie – Joseph has had one of these every year since he was a baby. They are warm and soft and perfect for just running in and out of the car. Now Dominic is wearing his hand-me-downs!

Books! Joseph absolutely, positively loves books, and we have approximately one zillion all over our house. Dominic has really started enjoying them lately as well, going into the cabinet and pulling books out and bringing them over for us to read to him. Here are some of the favorites at our house:

Dear Zoo / The Going to Bed Book / Llama Llama books / The Goodnight Train / Little Blue Truck / Wheels on the Bus / Peek-A-Who?

MAM Pacifiers – Neither of the boys used pacifiers past three months or so, and they never used them consistently, but they did some in handy for soothing every now and then. We had a ton of different brands when Joseph was a baby, and these were the absolute best. They stayed in and calmed both boys right down if they were fussy.

Hanna Andersson PajamasJessica introduced these to me last year, and I cannot recommend them enough. I resisted them for awhile because they are PRICEY, however, they have sales frequently and they have more than paid for themselves. I bought one size up for Joseph last fall after flying through tons of Carters pajamas and being tired of how quickly they wore out. He is STILL wearing the same pajamas, even though he’s gone up two clothing sizes in that time span. They’re insanely soft and stretchy and I just love them. Joseph wears the two piece pajamas, and Dominic wears some two piece and has some one piece as well, and I do prefer the two piece.

Infantino Flip and Peek Fun Phone – OMG this phone. Joseph got it when he was a baby and he STILL plays with it. He walks around the house calling all of his grandparents, my sister, aunt and uncle, and now Dominic does the same thing, holding it to his ear and pretending to talk. A great stocking stuffer and seriously the gift that has kept on giving!

Teepee Fort – We have one of these set up in our (finished) basement, and it’s a big hit. Joseph loves to go in there are talk on his phone (see above, ha!) or hide and count when we play hide and seek.

Just Like Home Workshop Big Builders Pro Workshop Playset – Our friends bought this for Joseph’s birthday last year and it is one of the most-used toys in our house. Both of the boys play there every.single.day. They love it, and when my husband gets out a drill or screwdriver, they find their own tools and “help” him. Joseph even uses it as a kitchen occasionally and stirs up pasta, chicken, bread, or coffee with his tools and paint bucket 😂

Playskool Flash Cards – These were something we got for Joseph last Christmas, but it was awhile before he really took to using them. Now he begs to “do my cards!” They’ve been amazing for learning colors, shapes, letters, and basic items.

Cars Lightning McQueen Ride-On Quad – Dominic got this as a birthday gift this year, and both of the boys were wary of it for the first couple of weeks, but now they both want to ride it all day long all over the house (good practice in learning how to take turns, ha!) Joseph is actually a little big for it, but he LOVES it, and Dominic has finally gotten to the point where he can get himself on and off on his own and has learned how to press the button that makes it go and he squeals like crazy when he’s riding it.

Crayola Color Wonder Markers and Coloring Pads – When our friends visited back in October, they brought these for Joseph and Della to color together and Joseph fell in love with them. The markers are invisible on everything except for the special paper and coloring pads that go with them. GENIUS!

Franklin Sports NHL Light It Up Street Hockey Goal Set – My husband bought this for Joseph earlier this year after he showed some interest in watching hockey and he has so much fun with it! We have it set up in our basement and he loves to go down there and “take shots”.

Munchkin Miracle 360 Sippy Cups – These are the only sippy cups the boys have used and they’re fantastic. There is no spout (which some say can cause speech and dental issues), it’s spillproof (unless thrown repeatedly from a high chair, AHEM), and both boys learned how to use them very, very quickly.

Melissa & Doug Food Groups – My aunt just bought these for Joseph since he started taking an interest in making food at school and on his work bench and the boys both love playing with them. Joseph brings us food and it’s good practice in naming the different foods. I’m a big, big fan of anything Melissa & Doug – they make such great toys!

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn A to Z Smart Pad – Joseph got this last year, I think for his birthday, and it was amazing as he expanded his vocabulary and learned the alphabet. Now Dominic is starting to play with it; one of our favorite learning toys, for sure.

Little Tikes Touch n’ Go Racer Police Car – My brother-in-law brought this for Joseph when he came to visit Dominic the first time, and it has been a massive, massive favorite ever since. Both he and Dominic play with it every single day and send it zooming around the house.

Sticker Books – I stash at least one of these in the diaper bag; they come in handy whenever we have to sit and wait somewhere, like the doctor’s office. Joseph loves using the stickers and he has learned tons of different animals in the process.

Crayola Ultra-Clean Washable Crayons – These are the only crayons we buy and they truly wipe off of everything!

VTech Sit-to-Stand Alphabet Train – Another one that keeps on giving! Joseph and Dominic both used this to push when they were learning how to walk, and now they both play with the front face of it, putting the cartridges in, which teaches letters and words.

Babiators – We have two pair of these sunglasses and they’re virtually indestructible. Joseph loves wearing his “blue glasses” when he goes outside in the summer; Dominic still doesn’t like keeping them on, but he’ll get there 😉

Mega Bloks – Another one of the toys that gets used on an almost daily basis in our house. We’ve had them since Joseph was about one and we do a lot of tower building around here!

HALO SleepSack Swaddle – Joseph hated being swaddled, but Dominic loved it, and he LIVED in these for approximately three months… naps, bedtime, soothing… they are wonderful. You can get a super tight swaddle without worrying about a blanket coming undone. I used both the fleece and cotton depending on the temperature, both are wonderful!

TELL ME! What would you add to this list? I’m always looking for new ideas!


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