The ultimate gift guide for the cook, baker, or foodie in your life; features an assortment of practical, fun, and unique items, all specific for anyone who loves to make or consume food!

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After running a food website for over 15 years, I have had the opportunity to discover and use A LOT of different products and have come across many fun and unique items. I’m thrilled to share a big list of my favorites for you to peruse if you’re looking to buy a gift for someone who loves to spend time in the kitchen, or perhaps add to your own wish list or registry.

Let’s get browsing!

General Cooking & Baking Supplies

The basic building blocks of a kitchen well-equipped to bake or cook a variety of dishes. Included below are my favorite pans, bowls, and small appliances.

All-Clad Saucepans – About five years ago, I upgraded to All-Clad saucepans and have been absolutely smitten. They heat so evenly and clean up wonderfully. I recommend starting with the 2-quart and 4-quart sizes.

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet – We have one 10-inch and two 12-inch cast iron skillets and use them every single day. At some point, there is always one on the stove. Every kitchen needs at least one!

Le Creuset Dutch Oven – A pricey investment but worth every penny. I have had the 7.25-quart version for over a decade and I use it multiple times a week for spaghetti sauce, soups, stews, braising, and no-knead bread… you name it and you can make it in a quality Dutch oven. The 5.5-quart size is also a great one to have.

7-Piece Knife Set – Good (sharp!) knives are one of my top three kitchen essentials, and perhaps THE biggest difference-maker in your cooking or baking prep. There are so many different brands, but Wusthof is my absolute favorite. This set contains all of the basics.

Thermapen – This instant-read digital thermometer has been a staple in my kitchen for years. I can’t imagine cooking or baking without it! It’s incredibly versatile – I use it when making whole chickens, deep-fried turkeys, caramel sauce, candy, baked bread, burgers on the grill, and everything in between.

Half Sheet Baking Pans – An absolute staple! These Vollrath aluminum baking pans are the best I’ve ever used. They’re worth the splurge – they won’t warp and the uses are endless. Bonus – my favorite wire cooling racks fit perfectly inside.

Cookie Scoops – I own at least 6 cookie scoops and highly recommend at least one of each of the smaller sizes for any cookie baker. I also use mine for portioning out muffin, cupcake, pancake, and waffle batter. These are the sizes I have in my kitchen: 1.5 tablespoon2 tablespoon1/4 cup1/3 cup and, 1/2 cup scoops.

Baking Stone – I’ve had this baking stone for over a decade and it’s perfect for making pizzas and breads – they bake up with perfectly crisp crusts.

Mixing Bowls – You truly can never have too many! I have a set of nested glass mixing bowls, as well as a set of stainless steel mixing bowls.

Measuring Cups (and measuring spoons) – Never lose a measuring cup or spoon again! The handles are magnetic and simply click into place for a neat, organized stack.

Kitchen Scale – Weighing ingredients makes such a difference in any baking recipe. This is the one I use in my kitchen – it can hold up to 11 pounds and is incredibly versatile.

Silicone Spatulas – I own and love these as my everyday spatulas, but also love all of the fun themed and holiday spatulas.

KitchenAid Hand Mixer – I love my stand mixer, but I use my hand mixer wayyyyy more often. Most jobs don’t require a stand mixer, and this 7-speed KitchenAid hand mixer makes easy work of virtually any cookie dough or cake batter.

Breville Food Processor – While it’s definitely an investment, I’ve never used a better food processor in all of my years in the kitchen. I love that it has a digital counter so you can easily see how long it’s been running (perfect for recipes that indicate a specific processing time).

KitchenAid Stand Mixer – A classic, timeless addition to any baker’s kitchen.

KitchenAid Stand Mixer Attachments – To help get the most out of your stand mixer! Some of the most popular ones:

Breville Waffle Maker – I make pancakes more often than waffles, but when I do make waffles (like buttermilk waffles), I am so glad I have this waffle maker! I used to have one of those round Belgian waffle makers that you flip upside-down, but this one is so much easier to use and not messy at all.

Breville Smart Oven – I never imagined I’d be someone who loves using a toaster oven, but I am! We use this smart oven multiple times a day for plain old toast, reheating leftover pizza, broiling hoagies, and everything in between.

Wolf Gourmet Electric Griddle – My pancake game has never been stronger! This griddle makes perfect pancakes every time, and we also use it for grilled cheese, toasted sandwiches, and more.

Ninja CREAMi – Compact ice cream maker that also allows you to make things like gelato, milkshakes, sorbet, and more.

Instant Pot – A small appliance that millions of people swear by!

Slow Cooker – Every house needs (at least) one! If you know someone who could use one, this is a great buy.

Dual-Zone Air Fryer – The ultimate air fryer – an 8-quart capacity with two separate frying stations.

Specialty Cooking & Baking Supplies

Moving beyond basics, below you’ll find a lot of fun baking pans for special projects, as well as tools for cake decorating, pie baking, and a few other kitchen favorites.

Large Silicone Dough Mat – I use this for all of my dough; rolling out bread dough, scones, pizza dough, pies, and everything in between. The measurement markings along the sides and in the middle are so handy!

Pie Crust Shield – Prevent burnt pie crust edges with this simple-to-use pie crust shield. It keeps the edges perfectly golden and never burnt!.

Rolling Pin – I have a similar version that was handed down to me by my mom; I love that it is all one width, making it easy to roll and no handles keeps me from using too much pressure when rolling.

Parchment Muffin/Cupcake Liners – These parchment liners are my favorite for muffins and cupcakes. They peel away beautifully!

Muffin Pan – A must for making beautiful muffins and cupcakes.

Fancy Loaf Pan – For someone who loves to bake and already has standard loaf pans, a molded loaf pan will take their quick breads and pound cakes to new levels! (And maybe throw in a loaf cake keeper, too!)

Round Cake Pans – For a loved one setting up a new kitchen or someone getting interested in baking, round cake pans are essential. I love the Nordic Ware Round 9-inch Cake Pans (they come in a set of two) and the USA Pan Round 9-inch Cake Pan.

Classic Bundt Pan – Any 10 to 12-cup Bundt pan will accommodate most recipes, and Nordic Ware has a massive collection of some of the most beautiful and intricate pans to choose from!

Bundtlette Cake Pan – Such a beautiful pan for creating smaller Bundt cakes for special occasions.

Zeroll Ice Cream Scoop – The absolute best ice cream scoop I’ve ever owned.

Piping Tips – This 6-piece set is a great starting point and will get you the tips you need for beautiful swirls on cupcakes; if someone is interested in cake decorating, this more comprehensive 55-piece set would make a wonderful gift!

Soft Gel Paste Food Colors – My go-to food colors; the gel doesn’t dilute frosting the way liquid food coloring does, and the colors are vibrant!

Cake Turntable – If someone ices and decorates cakes, a spinning cake table is a HUGE help!

Offset Spatula – A must for spreading on a perfect layer of frosting.

Cake Decorating Supplies Kit – A great all-in-one kit that includes a turntable, cake leveler, spatulas, piping tips, disposable piping bags, and more.

Oven Mitts – A really great quality pair of oven mitts is a must-have for anyone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen.

OXO Storage Containers – My favorite storage containers for baking ingredients.

Butter Crock – Never be without softened butter for spreading on fresh bread or making a quick grilled cheese sandwich. We’ve had one on our counter for yearssssss now.

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For Serving & Transporting

We can’t have a toppled cake or leaking casserole! These are my go-to for serving and bring dishes.

Wooden Cake Stand – With a lightweight acrylic lid, this converts from a cake stand to a trifle bowl, punch bowl, chip and dip bowl, and all-purpose snack tray. Love it!

Large Footed White Ceramic Cake Stand – A beautiful, simple stand that lets the baked goods shine!

Personalized Cake Pan – A 9×13-inch pan is a baking essential, and this one comes with a personalized lid. This would be such a great pan to take to potlucks, parties, and more.

Insulated Carrier – Whether you are contributing to a holiday meal, a summer potluck, or planning a picnic, an insulated carrier will keep cold food cold and hot foods hot. A kitchen staple!

Cupcake Carrier – I love this because it’s great for cupcakes, but you can take those inserts out, and then I use it for cookies or other baked goods as well!

Round Cake Carrier – This keeps cakes safe and fresh until you’re ready to serve. It can store cupcakes, too!

Fun Extras

Whirley-Pop Popcorn Popper – For the popcorn lovers in your life! Throw in some popcorn kernels, popcorn oil, and popcorn seasonings for a great gift set!

Fullstar 4-in-1 Veggie Chopper & Spiralizer – One of the most popular products I’ve mentioned this year, everyone loves this chopper!

Quality Apron – These aprons are high-quality and highly recommended. They come in a million different colors and patterns. They will last a lifetime!

Personalized Recipe Notecards – Recipe notecards are timeless! I love looking through my collection of them – some of my very favorite recipes can be found on handwritten notecards.

Personalized Kitchen-Themed Stationary – So cute for attaching a note to a gifted baked good or just jotting down notes around the house.

Personalized Cookie Jar – Such a sweet gift for the ultimate cookie baker.

Personalized Recipe Card Tea Towel – Have your favorite recipe printed on an kitchen towel destined to become an heirloom.

Custom Engraved Cutting Board – I had one of these made for my mom a few years ago; they engraved a photo I sent of a recipe card in my grandma’s handwriting of one of her special Christmas Eve recipes. My mom absolutely loved it; she has it displayed in her kitchen.

Made with Love Stickers – Personalize homemade baked goods with these cute stickers.

Baking-Themed Coffee Mug – And there is a cooking-themed one, too!

100 Bakes Scratch Off Poster – An epic baking bucket list.

Cookie of the Month Cookie Cutter Set – A cookie cutter for every month! Use these to make cut-out sugar cookies or chocolate sugar cookies.

Live, Love, Bake Print – Frame this print for a complete gift.

Happiness is Homemade Sign – A beautiful sign to hang in your kitchen, entryway, or anywhere in your home.

Wooden Cookbook Stand – Keep that cookbook open and keep the spills from splashing on the pages.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Scented Candle – This shop has dozens of amazing scents, and you can get a gift set of four!

Cookies and Cocoa Jigsaw Puzzle – This looks like the best puzzle to enjoy over the holiday season.

Food-Themed Earrings – So fun and so many different options.

Bonne Maman Assorted Mini Preserves – Anyone that loves jam and preserves will appreciate this sampler!

Fancy Sprinkles – Instantly make cupcakes or a simple cake look extra-special with sprinkles!


Ten great cookbooks for the cooking and/or baking enthusiast!

  1. Baking Illustrated – If I’m asked to recommend just one cookbook, THIS is the one. I’ve owned it for nearly 20 years and it fueled my love for baking. So many great recipes and techniques to learn.
  2. Barefoot Contessa Cookbooks – I love every single thing that Ina Garten makes, so I absolutely devour every new cookbook she releases.
  3. Magnolia Table – I love the comfort food and down-to-earth style of these recipes, as well as those shared in Volume 2 and Volume 3 that Joanna Gaines subsequently released.
  4. Flour Water Salt Yeast – A must-have for any bread baker!
  5. The Bread Baker’s Apprentice – This is the book that got me comfortable baking bread nearly 20 years ago now. I’d recommend it for anyone who wants to start making homemade bread.
  6. Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat – Over 100 recipes, as well as the fundamentals needed to understand how these four elements work together so that everything you cook turns out perfectly.
  7. Half Baked Harvest Super Simple – I love that most of these can be prepared quickly and that there are options for prepping ahead, Instant Pot, and slow cooker.
  8. Natasha’s Kitchen – Such a great cookbook full of flavorful weeknight recipes.
  9. Joy of Cooking – An absolute classic. I refer to it every time I want to try a new recipe.
  10. Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook – Another classic I turn to when I want a traditional recipe.

Stocking Stuffers

Spoon Spatula – Perfect for scraping every last bit out of blenders and jars.

Scrub Daddy – Admittedly not a sponge person, but I actually love these. You need very little soap, they rinse super clean and dry quickly.

Dish Towels – Soft, absorbent, and available in a variety of colors.

Finishing Salt – A little pinch goes a long way!

Mini Whisks – I LOVE these! Perfect for the small jobs!

Kitchen Timer – I have an older version of this timer and absolutely love it. Perfect for when you have multiple things going on in the kitchen!

Bowl Scraper – A super handy tool for getting dough or a sticky batter out of a bowl cleanly.

Special Deliveries

Graeter’s Ice Cream – My favorite brand of ice cream! Put together a 6-pack or 12-pack of assorted flavors for the ultimate ice cream lover.

David’s Tea – Years ago, I bought my mom a gift set from David’s Tea and she’s been hooked ever since. I gift her new flavors to try every holiday season.

Levain Bakery Cookies – Send a taste of NYC to your loved ones! This set of 8 cookies will brighten anyone’s day.

Zingerman’s Coffee Cake – Based in Michigan, Zingerman’s is famous for its coffee cake. Choose an assortment of 3 coffee cakes to send this holiday season.

Curdbox – A cheese subscription box! How fun is this?!

Custom Message Shortbread Cookies – Simply adorable. These would be so much fun to open!

Goldbelly Gift Card – Order famous meals from places all over the country, like Shake Shack burgers, Philly cheesesteaks, Chicago deep dish pizza, Primanti Brothers sandwiches, New York bagels, etc. A fun gift for the whole family to enjoy!

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