1. Last Sunday was my birthday and I enjoyed a fantastic day with all of my boys and our family. I had my very favorite bakery cake for dessert and didn’t have to change a single diaper… it was a wonderful day :)

2. Are you dying Easter eggs this weekend? We did it last year with the boys (well, Dominic sat in the high chair and watched) and I think they’d enjoy it. Thinking of trying to Cool Whip egg dying trick I’ve seen all over the Internet, and I just got a box of Americolor gel colors I might try it with! (I’ve also seen it done with shaving cream, but that seems… unsafe with little kids who will put anything in their mouth?)

3. I totally pre-ordered the Magnolia Table cookbook by Joanna Gaines and can’t wait to get it! I actually just heard about it a week ago, but I’m kind of sort of obsessed with her and Chip since we started watching Fixer Upper and I can’t wait to get my hands on her cookbook!

4. Did you hear that Urban Outfitters has brought back CABOODLES?! As in, you can actually buy them! If this little girl swimming around in my belly was a decade older, I would snatch one up for her in a second. I kept everything in my Caboodle when I was a kid! So fun to see them back, and I actually had no idea they were designed because Vanna White used a tackle box for her makeup… who knew?!

5. I saw this image last week when we still had seven inches of snow on the ground and had to laugh because it’s 100% absolutely true… and we are now currently in mud season (thanks four days straight of rain), which is especially hell on earth-ish when you have two dogs that love to go outside and run, ugh.

6. A morning sports talk show my husband watches was talking about “the final four of breakfast cereals” and so I have two important questions for you: (1) What are your top 4 cereals? and (2) Do you prefer your cereal crunchy or soggy?

Me: (1) Golden Grahams, Raisin Bran, Honey Bunches of Oats, and then maybe Basic 4 or Cornflakes; and (2) CRUNCHY, forever and ever amen. Once cereal is soggy, that’s the end for me.

7. Last week I linked to this copycat Olive Garden salad dressing recipe; my aunt saw my post and made it for the salad she brought to dinner on Sunday. We all concurred that it TOTALLY tasted like Olive Garden dressing, and now I want to eat salad for DAYS.

8. It’s Easter weekend! What are you doing? What are you eating? Traditional Easter dinner, brunch… ? Tell me all the details! We’re heading to my mom’s, she always has Easter dinner and makes lamb and ham and lots of delicious sides (like broccoli salad). I’ve been tasked with the hashbrown casserole that we all devoured a few weeks ago (yummmm).

Easter/spring recipes that are trending on BEB right now (in case you need some last-minute menu inspiration!):

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9. I am 100% loving Homeland again, although Carrie just makes me want to face palm with all of her very bad decision making, ugh. But still, I like where the story line is going this season. AND! The Americans is back! So bummed that this is the last season, but so totally curious to see how it all unfolds and ties up at the end.

10. TGIF! Ahhh friends :)