1. Last Friday, Joseph only had school for an hour (the first day the kids were there by themselves), so one of the other moms invited everyone to Starbucks across the street to kill the time. I rarely get to spend one-on-one time with Dominic, so I brought him along for the morning and it was SO nice to hang out with him (and the other moms!). He had so much fun; it always seems to put a little extra pep in his step when we get some time together.

2. Speaking of school starting, Joseph was in school for precisely one hour on Wednesday and one hour on Friday aaaaaaand he was sick by Friday night. Awful cough and cold. SERIOUSLY. Not sick ALL summer, then two hours in school, how is that possible?! It came and went pretty quickly, although he still has a cough. However, Monday morning everyone else (except me) woke up sick, ugh. Dominic, Isabelle and my husband all have colds; there is nothing worse that a poor little stuffy, coughing baby! I’m currently last man standing *fingers crossed*

3. Isabelle is looking so ready to start trying some food; she is seriously eyeing up my food and lunging towards it when I have her on my lap while I’m eating. I started purees with both Joseph and Dominic around six months, so will likely start with Isabelle in another couple of weeks, as well. I can’t believe we’re already at this point!

4. Back to Starbucks for a moment… this is probably going to sound so silly, but I am not a coffee drinker, and I get so intimidated in the line at Starbucks! Tall, venti, grande, short, etc… I can never remember them, and so I just ordered an ice water and a cookie for Dominic lol.

5. Last weekend and earlier this week, we finally saw cooler temperatures which meant I got to bust out some warm and cozy hoodies. I live for fall weather and can’t wait for it be back for good!

6. Trending this week >> Jewish Apple Cake!

7. Thank you to everyone who shared recommendations for jeans for Joseph – we found a winner! The Jumping Beans pull on jeans from Kohl’s turned out to fit him wonderfully, so I got multiple pairs in the light, medium, and dark wash. (And site note – Joseph was SUCH a trooper trying on umpteen pairs of jeans, he did it happily!)

8. Over the last six weeks or so, I’ve been trying to eat mostly Paleo for my meals during the week, cutting back on carbs and sugar, and it feels SO good. I always feel much less bloated and have way more energy.

9. Thinking about everyone in the path of Hurricane Florence and praying that there is little in the way of damage to everyone’s homes. xo

10. I’ve had Einstein on the brain this week, as this past Sunday was two years since we had to say goodbye. My husband and I were watching old videos the other night of he and Duke when Duke was a puppy, and when Joseph was a baby and toddler. So many good memories :)