1. This little lady turned 10 months old on Wednesday! She seems so grown up lately… she is crawling EVERYWHERE, trying to pull herself up, exploring and playing on her own, “chasing” after her brothers, eating anything and everything we put in front of her, and has a fantastic giggle that is very reminiscent of Joseph’s baby giggle. It is so much fun to see her grow and discover her little world.

2. Last week during the Polar Vortex, Joseph and Dominic asked to make sugar cookies while Isabelle napped one afternoon. I was quick to oblige, and they had a blast. They raided my cookie cutters and I think they made precisely one cookie of each shape they found lol. We celebrated a lot of holidays with those cookies! I love being in the kitchen with my boys :)

3. Let’s talk roasting vegetables… I LOVE roasted vegetables when I make them, especially things like broccoli and Brussels sprouts that get those crispy little edges. Whenever I put away leftovers, I can’t stop picking little pieces off the pan. HOWEVER… I greatly dislike reheated roasted vegetables, womp womp. They are mushy and lose all of that great flavor! Any tips to remedy this? Do you have any tricks??

4. I mentioned ButcherBox in my January Favorites last week, and I just found out about a special they’re running that ends today that I wanted to share with you! If you’ve never tried ButcherBox before, you can get their “Surf and Turf” deal – 2 pounds of wild Alaskan salmon + 2 filet mignons + free shipping with your first box. So perfect for Valentine’s Day!

5. This is a phenomenal article about a man who lives by his “100 list” >> Don’t Just Endure, Make a List and Thrive. There is a complementary summary with rules for making a 100 list, as well as a printable template. So inspiring!

6. If you’re working on some menu ideas for Valentine’s Day, don’t forget about classic red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting!

7. A reader emailed me last week to tell me about cuddle + kind dolls that are not only absolutely beautiful, but for every doll sold, the company provides 10 meals to hungry children through a number of programs both domestically and worldwide (you can read more about it here).

8. Currently obsessed with the @cakebycourtney Instagram account. So many gorgeous layer cakes!

9. If you use Google Chrome as your web browser, this is a great list of Chrome hacks.

10. TGIF! I hope you have a warm and relaxing weekend!