1. We have one full week of virtual school under our belt and it has gone far better than we expected. I have nothing but insane respect for the teachers and administrators that are making this happen and making it happen so well.

2. The kids have been obsessed with watering the plants outside for the last week. They water everything – the flowers, plants, bushes, weeds… 😂 Hopefully, they develop a green thumb because mine is most definitely brown!

3. My aunt got Isabelle a Cabbage Patch doll for her birthday and Isabelle LOVES it. She has it with her always, including on walks, where she periodically checks the baby’s diaper, ha! She also insists on wearing some type of racing hat every time she leaves the house lol.

4. So excited for Ina’s new cookbook, Modern Comfort Food. Perfect for this time of year!

5. This is an old news story, but I just read it for the first time. What a wonderfully generous gesture this man made.

6. It’s the middle of September and my very favorite apple crisp recipe is calling my name!

7. Okay, take a look at the chart below and tell me which cookie you would get rid of:

Me? I’d knock out the oatmeal raisin, for sure!

8. I’m taking suggestions for November and December BEB Bake-Along recipes… what do you want to tackle for our monthly bakes during the holiday months?

9. I talked about The Home Edit Instagram account years ago (such pretty organization!) and since then, they have released a book and now they have a series on Netflix. Have you watched it? I haven’t yet!

10. TGIF! Girls cuddle time on the couch 💖