1. This sweet boy turned FOUR on Sunday! It seems impossible that it’s been that long already. Dominic loves to play with Joseph and takes his role as Isabelle’s big brother so seriously; he is so, so good to her. He is obsessed with outer space right now, LOVES to help in any and every way, and doesn’t like to be far from any of us… right next to his people is where he wants to be ❤️️

2. I just love this girl and her hair and her spunk, and her supreme squishiness when she wants to snuggle 😍

3. The boys really fell in love with color-by-number during quarantine in the spring and I adore it when they ask me to color with them! A lot of times they take over my adult color-by-number pictures (and are so good at them!) :)

4. What are you most looking forward to cooking or baking between now and January?

5. An update on my search for new sneakers… I ordered at least a half dozen different pairs (Asics, New Balance, Ryka, Brooks, Adidas, Under Armour, etc.) and gave my top three test drives on our daily walks. The winner was the pair of Adidas Ultraboost! I LOVE them – they are super supportive without feeling bulky and I had zero foot, toe, or leg pain after our walks. I wasn’t a huge fan of the color selection in my size on Nordstrom’s website, so I bought this version from Adidas’ website (they are the same price both places).

6. Apple hand pies are the perfect portable pastry for this time of year!

7. We had what appeared to be the world’s largest praying mantis on our window this week 😱

8. Love this breakdown of a bedtime routine… ever since the kids were born, I rarely, if ever, have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, but I definitely feel like I need more sleep!

9. What are you watching right now? We’re binging The Three Muskateers, which is pretty good; not my favorite that we’ve watched, but still enjoyable.

10. TGIF! Lots of birthday fun last weekend – this girl turned 4 on Saturday! We’re so happy she’s here living with us, she’s such a snuggle bug and such a sweetheart 😍