Two boys sitting next to each other on a couch looking at a baseball magazine.

1. These two have been nearly inseparable lately… I love watching their friendship grow 💙

2. Dominic had his second neuroblastoma vaccine injection this week and tolerated it well again – very painful when he gets it but they encourage him to move around a lot after and he feels better within five minutes or so, then he’s good. He hasn’t had any other side effects so far.

Little boy sitting in front of a Nintendo Switch machine, smiling at the camera.

3. These two enjoyed a gorgeous walk while we were gone last week ❤️

Boy and girl walking on a gravel trail surrounded by a field.

4. After reading Book Lovers, I became enamored with small towns, so I’m loving this list of America’s Best Small Towns. Have you been to any of these?

5. This is so interesting! >> If You’re Scared, Eat Bread (The long-standing Mexican tradition is said to induce calm when you’re stressed or upset.)

6. Are potato skins still a thing? I remember eating them at a diner when I was a kid, but I don’t think I see them on appetizer menus much anymore.

7. Do you prefer cream pies or fruit pies? I LOVE a good coconut cream pie, chocolate cream pie, or pecan pie. Fruit always takes a backseat for me!

8. Speaking of fruit, do you ever put a dressing on fruit salad? I saw a reel on Instagram last week that showed a fruit salad with a honey and lime juice dressing; I’ve never dressed a fruit salad. Does it make it soggy faster? Does it keep it fresher? So many questions!

9. We’ve been watching Dark Winds, which is… dark, but very good! (We’re watching on AMC+)

10. TGIF! She’s always angling for food 😅 (I was making my roasted red potatoes!)

Dog staring at a pan of seasoned potatoes on a baking pan sitting on a counter.