On Saturday, we celebrated Dominic’s 2nd birthday!

It always amazes me just how insanely fast time flies… whoever said “the days are long but the years are short” was one thousand percent accurate. One minute, there’s a gorgeous, wrinkly, pink newborn in my arms and then I blink and they’ve turned into toddlers and preschoolers and I feel like every few days I’m wishing that I could freeze time.

Dominic was the only one of my three babies that tried to make his way out all on his own, without any help, and ahead of schedule. On his first birthday, I said that he had eyes that sparkle and that he enjoyed every single moment to its fullest. His personality has never wavered, and he is a happy-go-lucky kid who LOVES to laugh and just wants to have fun.

We had such a wonderful time celebrating him this weekend and I wanted to give you a glimpse of his party!

The Decorations

Dominic absolutely adores the show Hey Duggee on Nick Jr. Like, he LOVES it. So I knew I wanted to go that route when planning the party, but it’s not a huge mainstream hit (it’s from the BBC) – there are a few toys you can find at Target, but no party-planning themes at Party City and not much on Etsy, either.

As a result, I did festive “Happy Birthday” decorations in bright colors, along with the obligatory number two balloon :) I totally spaced on getting pictures, but links below to what I used!

[source: happy birthday balloons / number two balloon / plates / napkins]

The Food

For the past few birthday parties and baptisms we’ve had at our house, we’ve ordered chicken, lasagna, roasted potatoes and salad from a local market, but we wanted to do something different this time.

We love Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza, so we ordered a bunch of pizzas, wings and a tossed salad, and I put out a veggie tray, along with some chips and dips. I think everyone was pleasantly surprised by switching up the menu :)

The Cake

Since we couldn’t decorate with a Hey Duggee theme in the house, I was going all-in on a Hey Duggee cake!

I made the main character (Duggee) in fondant, and then printed out badges from the show and put them around the sides of the cake. This was actually my favorite part… after we sang Happy Birthday, Joseph and Dominic just kept spinning the cake in circles looking at all of the badges, and Joseph knew what most of them were. They were SO excited! It took awhile to have them part with the cake so I could slice it ;-)

I also added a batch of chocolate cupcakes for anyone who was feeling a chocolate dessert, and popped some cute Happy Birthday candles in them (we didn’t light them, I just liked the letters for decoration!).

[recipes: yellow cake / chocolate cupcakes / chocolate frosting (used to frost cupcakes and as filling for the cake) / candles for main cake / toothpick candles for cupcakes]

The Fun

Everyone had a great time, and Dominic sure loved the balloons, cake, and opening presents, especially a fire truck! And then he loved playing outside :)


I did manage to find Hey Duggee custom invitations on Etsy, and had those made for the party:

I started getting custom birthday t-shirts since Joseph’s 2nd birthday and I just love it! I bought this Hey Duggee shirt on Etsy, and Dominic almost lost his mind when I put it on him. He said, “huh! Mommy! Look! Duggee!” pointing to his shirt. He then proceeded to show every single person that came – he’d point to his shirt and say, “DUGGEE!” Seeing them happy and excited just totally makes my day :)

(That right there is Dominic’s “say cheese!” face lol!)

Celebrating birthdays always makes me relive those moments leading up to, and including, their actual birth, and those sweet, blissful days afterward when they doze off after eating and are just the tiniest little things you’ve ever seen. My heart swells with joy watching these babies grow and become their own, even if thinking back to those very early days makes me a little weepy at the same time.

My sweet Dominic, with the crazy hair from day one :)

Dominic Aldo - Born 10/4/16

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