1. This week I plopped Isabelle down for some tummy time after she woke up and got changed, and BOOM! She rolled over! She was all smiley like it was no big deal. Of course I grabbed my phone, rolled her back over, and started to take a video so I could catch it, but of course she hasn’t done it again since. Of course. But, gah! She’s already getting so big! And she’s getting baptized this weekend :)

2. The boys have been LOVING helping with laundry. Joseph has always liked to help, and now Dominic is in on the party. When I head into the laundry room, he runs after me and says, “help? help?” As I sort the clothes, I throw on the floor what needs to go into the washer and they put it in, then they help transferring the clothes from the washer to the dryer. Hopefully their love for laundry continues and will make a couple of ladies very happy down the line ;-)

(They also love cars and looking at car magazines together, lol)

3. I got my roots touched up the other day; when I came home, Joseph ran up to me and said, “Mommy, your hair looks so nice!” with a big smile. Any and all of his threenager transgressions, past and future, were immediately forgiven.

4. So excited for the weekend because my husband’s best friend, his wife, and their two girls are coming into town for Isabelle’s baptism. Joseph and their older daughter have been long-time friends even though she’s about a year and a half older than him (see previous weekends here and here), and their newest little girl was born just four days after Isabelle! Fun times!

5. I saw this on Facebook and it perfect depicts my frame of mind every single summer…

6. I didn’t post a new Favorites installment this week because honestly I really only had one thing to share, so I’ll save it and share more next week! If you’re interested in seeing other Favorites, you can view them all https://www.browneyedbaker.com/category/unplugged/favorites/.

7. I cannot get enough of this Golden Retriever, Archie, who steals everything. He looks and acts just like Einstein!

8. I went to the store earlier this week and there was a massive display of… HALLOWEEN CANDY. I mean, it was still JULY when I was there. Absolute insanity (even given #5 above). Although, I’m always remembering to buy candy for trick or treat at the last minute, so I really should take advantage of stocking up.

9. We finished Longmire this week, and I thought it wrapped up pretty well. However, we’re tapped on new show ideas, what do you recommend? We tried the Benedict Cumberbatch series on Showtime, Patrick Melrose, but neither of us liked it. My husband is a big Star Trek buff, so we’re speeding through the first season of the new series (Discovery), but need something for after that!

10. TGIF! These two wish you a fantastic weekend!