1. Joseph had his first bout with strep throat last weekend, ugh! He started complaining of a sore throat Saturday afternoon, went to bed with a low-grade fever, and by Sunday mid-afternoon his fever was over 103 and he was complaining of being sore all over. Off to Children’s express we went and sure enough, strep throat. Two doses of antibiotics and less than 18 hours later, he was back to his normal self… kids are so resilient! *knock on wood* no one else has fallen victim (yet?).

2. Dominic totally lives his best life on Mondays and Fridays, running errands with me and getting some one-on-one time. HE. LOVES. IT. Especially Fridays since I let him get a snack after swim class and he usually asks for a cookie so sweetly at the grocery store that I can’t say no ;-)

3. Isabelle is standing up constantly now… she’s only let go once for a few seconds and isn’t totally surfing yet, so I think walking is still a bit away, but she’s absolutely loving being able to interact more with her brothers :)

4. Loved this short Q&A with Mark Bittman (now I need to make his cacio e pepe recipe!)

5. A few months ago, I was going through my grandma’s recipes and snapped some pictures of her old recipe cards from the 1950’s. I shared them on my Instagram stories and got so many wonderful comments from followers, so I loved this article >> In the Pinterest Age, Family Recipe Cards Become Priceless Heirlooms.

6. Are you doing anything to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this weekend? If you need some recipe ideas, these are some of my favorites: Guinness Beef Stew / Classic Irish Soda Bread / Copycat Shamrock Shake Recipe / Guinness, Whiskey & Irish Cream Cupcakes / Shamrock Shake Cupcakes / Grasshopper Pie / Lucky Charms Marshmallow Treats

7. Quick reminder about this month’s bake-along recipe: Kouign-Amann! Have you made it yet? I’ve absolutely adored seeing all of your pastries come up to life! Thanks to those of you emailing me pictures, posting on Instagram and in the FB group; I love seeing your creations! If you want to be sure to receive all of the announcements and special bake-along recipe emails, sign up here.

8. Last Friday night, my husband and I went to see Jerry Seinfeld and HE. WAS. HYSTERICAL. We absolutely loved the show; it was all material we hadn’t heard before, and no joke, my face hurt from laughing so hard for so long. If you’re a fan and he has a show in a city near you, I highly recommend!

9. Oh, Aunt Becky :-/

10. TGIF! I hope you have a relaxing weekend!