[We continue to update the “Top 10″ series of posts with yeast breads!]

Baking homemade yeast bread is one of the most relaxing and satisfying things for me in the kitchen. I love the smell of the yeasted dough, how it feels in my hands while I knead it, seeing it raise, watching it puff in the oven, and then slicing through a crust, through a wonderful crumb, and taking that first warm bite. I love everything about the process, and could easily eat all of these over and over again.

Below is an updated list of my 10 favorite bread recipes… Enjoy!

1. American Sandwich Bread


2. Apricot Cream Cheese Babka

Apricot Cream Cheese Babka


3. Bacon and Cheese Easter Bread

Bacon and Cheese Easter Bread

4. Bagels – Bagels are one of my all-time favorite treats to make at home. To date, I have made plain bagels, blueberry bagels (pictured below), cinnamon-raisin bagels, Asiago bagels and everything bagels.

5. Chocolate Babka


6. Ciabatta Bread

Ciabatta Bread Recipe | browneyedbaker.com


7. Cinnamon Babka



8. Cinnamon Sugar Pull-Apart Bread

Cinnamon Sugar Pull-Apart Bread


9. Monkey Bread

Monkey Bread

10. Panettone

Panettone [Italian Christmas Bread] by @browneyedbaker :: www.browneyedbaker.com

What’s your favorite bread recipe??