Ask Me Anything! [2015]


It’s about that time… the one day a year when I open up the comments section for you to ask anything you’d like!

This is exactly what it sounds like… Have a question about ingredients, baking techniques, dogs, TV guilty pleasure, favorite movies, music…? Ask away!

For the next 24 hours, leave a comment below with your burning question and I will answer!

Chocolate Blackout Cake

This chocolate blackout cake is a recreation of the famous cake from Ebinger’s bakery in Brooklyn.

Chocolate Blackout Cake - Filled and frosted with a rich chocolate pudding and coated in cake crumbs! |

I first heard about Chocolate Blackout Cake years ago, and was immediately taken by the unique appearance – instead of a traditional frosting, the outside of the cake is decorated with the crumbs from a cake layer. Blackout cake was the signature dessert of Ebinger’s bakery, which operated in Brooklyn, New York from 1898 until 1972… any cake that was popular for that long is a must-eat in my book!

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Poor Man’s Cookies

These poor man’s cookies are an old family recipe – spiced bar cookies with plump raisins and chopped walnuts. These poor man’s cookies (actually bar cookies!) is a recipe...

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The Weekend Dish: 10/10/2015

Hello weekend! I hope that yours is off to a great start! It’s starting to cool way down here, which has me craving chili, stew and cornbread. Are you...

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Friday Things

1. The front window is currently Joseph’s favorite place to play… he pulls himself up on the window sill and turns and slams the crank. He always has a...

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French Apple Cake - Part custard, part traditional cake and PACKED with apples! |

French Apple Cake

This French Apple Cake is packed with apples and has a dense, creamy base with a cake-like top layer. When I walk into the grocery store in the middle...

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How to Start a Food Blog - A 5-Step Plan + Dozens of Resources! |

How To Start A Food Blog: A Step-by-Step Guide + Additional Resources

It’s sometimes hard for me to believe that I started this blog nearly NINE years ago. Nine years! That is an extraordinarily long amount of time, isn’t it? When...

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