The Whole30: I DID IT! My Experience and Results

My Whole30 Results & Experience |

I promised that I would give you rundown of my experience with the Whole30 program… I’m 10 days out and finally put down my thoughts on how it all went.

The Whole30 has been on my radar for well over a year now, as my sister had previously done a couple, and last spring, my mom did one with her. My mom felt so great after having done it, that afterwards, she went permanently Paleo. She’ll eat anything on Sundays, holidays, if she goes out to eat, etc. but for her everyday eating, she eats Paleo and has lost over 40 pounds!

That sounded great, but I was pretty convinced that I could not totally cut out so many things for an entire month. However, I decided to take the plunge in mid-June and… I DID! Also, I survived! I didn’t take any before and after photos, but below are my thoughts on the experience, along with my results. I wrote more than I intended, but I kept thinking of additional things to include!

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The Weekend Dish: 7/25/2015


Hello weekend!

I hope you had a great week and that your weekend is full of fun and soaking up some nice summer weather. I’m planning to do some baking today, and hopefully some relaxing, as well! I might even break out that rainbow blanket and crochet a few more squares… I’d love to get it finished up before the weather gets chilly again :)

As always, you’ll find a recap of what was posted to the site this week as well as some bookmarked recipes from other blogs. Enjoy!

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6 months old! |

Friday Things

1. Joseph turned 6 months old last Sunday! A whole half year… where did it go?! Wasn’t I just in the hospital?? We are loving life with this little guy...

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Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

I’m not sure what it is about summer, but it gives me the urge to make all kinds of colorful, fun treats. I’ve been seeing ice cream cone cupcakes for...

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My Favorite Cornbread Recipe

This post was originally published on September 23, 2007. It’s one of the oldest recipes on the site and the pictures were in desperate need of an update. Below...

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The BEST Blueberry Pie

When it comes to making pie, I tend to procrastinate and put it off, and I’m not really sure why. Every time I get down to actually making one, I’m...

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My absolutely epic cheese plate! |

Sunday Dinners: How We Do It

Since my husband and I started hosting Sunday dinners a couple of months ago, I’ve received countless comments and emails asking for details about why we’re doing it, how...

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