Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownies

These chocolate chip cookie dough brownies start with my favorite basic brownie recipe, and are topped with an egg-free cookie dough.

A chocolate chip cookie dough brownie with a bite taken out.

I posted a version of this recipe nearly six years ago, and while the concept (brownies + cookie dough!) is amazing, many of the reviewers thought that the recipe was a bit lacking, both in flavor and texture. Since this has been an incredibly popular recipe, I wanted to do it right and have updated it to include new-and-improved versions of both the brownies and the cookie dough, yummmm…

Brownies are sort of like cheesecake, aren’t they? There’s nothing better than the perfect dense, fudgy brownie, just like not much can beat a classic piece of creamy cheesecake. Yet with both of these desserts we’re always fiddling around with different versions, swirling things in and layering things on the top and the bottom (incidentally, peanut butter goes well with both!). It’s an endless merry go round of dessert experimentation, where there really can never be a bad result. I mean, chocolate chip cookie dough brownies? Nothing but good comes from these babies.