Top 10 List: Favorite Cupcake Recipes

Homemade Funfetti Cupcakes |

[We continue to update the “Top 10″ series of posts with cupcakes!]

Cupcakes have taken on a life of their own over the last five years or so. Chic little shops have popped up everywhere, there are numerous TV shows based on the handheld confections, and the flavor combinations seem endless. Aside from one cupcake shop (Baked & Wired in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, DC), I have yet to be blown away by any cupcake from any of those chic little shops. Most times I find the cupcakes to be rather dry and the frosting just okay.

As a result, I revel in making cupcakes at home. All kinds of cupcakes – chocolate, vanilla, pumpkin, red velvet, boozy – it’s all fair game. Below is an updated list of my 10 favorite cupcake recipes… Enjoy!

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Spiced Apple Muffins with Cinnamon-Sugar Crunch Topping

Spiced Apple Muffins with Cinnamon-Sugar Crunch Topping |

I absolutely love breakfast muffins, but very rarely make them at home. They always seem to be more of an extra-special treat, saved for a trip to the bakery or a weekend breakfast. Or, in my case, a trip to the hospital. While I was in the hospital after I had Joseph, I made it a habit of ordering the blueberry muffin from the breakfast menu from “room service”. I’m about 98% sure that it was one of those prepackaged muffins from a box, but boy did it hit the spot at the time.

These muffins were another one of the items that I made while I was still pregnant and stashed in the freezer for quick and easy breakfasts once I got home from the hospital. I love that the muffins are packed with apples and tons of flavor… the perfect way to spice up a sleep-deprived, dreary winter morning.

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Egg, Sausage and Cheddar Breakfast Burritos

I’ve never been one for a fussy breakfast; I prefer quick and easy, even if it means that it’s not as filling as something like eggs or oatmeal. A...

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Ultimate Chocolate Cupcakes

Ultimate Chocolate Cupcakes

This is the 35th cupcake recipe I’ve shared on this site, and can you believe it’s the first chocolate-chocolate version?! I’ve...

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Duke running laps |

Friday Things

1. First and foremost, thank you all so very much for your patience while I sorted out and remedied the issues with the site. Everything should be running smoothly...

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Cheesy Homemade Garlic Bread

True story: before making this garlic bread, I had only ever eaten store-bought, frozen garlic bread. Judge away. It’s quick, easy and usually tastes pretty good. However, whipping up...

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Cheesy Baked Tortellini

It seems unfathomable that Christmas was less than two months ago at this point; life has been jam packed since the calendar turned to January! Over the holidays, we...

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