Friday Things

The result of a no-nap Saturday!

1. Last Saturday, Joseph decided that he didn’t need to take a nap, grrrrr… So, I took him out with me to run a couple of errands and on our five-minute drive home, he totally passed out. Is there anything more serene than the face of a sleeping baby? I could stare at him sleeping for hours.

2. Einstein has had a very rough last few days… On Tuesday, he suffered a very freak spinal cord injury that basically resulted in him having stroke-like symptoms (it’s called an FCE). He wasn’t doing anything crazy – just trotting between rooms, following Joseph around with his snack and all of a sudden, he went down and couldn’t get back up. His two left legs are mostly lame and so he can’t currently get up and move around on his own. We’re so sad for him 🙁  The good news is that most dogs with this injury recover to near 100% with physical therapy. We have our evaluation and first session later this afternoon. Fingers crossed that he’s back to his old self sooner rather than later.

Einstein recovering

3. I also had my 34-week appointment this week… I can’t believe we’re less than 6 weeks away! Everything is going really well, and I’m crossing my fingers that this baby decides not to drag things out as much as his brother did 😉

34 weeks whoa!

4. Speaking of being less than 6 weeks away, I feel like I need to do ALL THE THINGS, like immediately… Finish getting the nursery ready, purge and organize every room in my house, and get the blog ready to go on semi-autopilot so I can have a little maternity leave.

Oh, and I need to pack my hospital bag! I feel like I packed SO MUCH last time and used, um, NOTHING. Seriously. The things I used? My cell phone charger, toothbrush, and homemade chocolate chip cookies. Maybe because I had a c-section, so I wasn’t really moving around much, it was easier to just keep the hospital gown on, etc. but yeah, I’m packing way less this time for sure!

5. I totally want this hanging bed for my future wrap around porch (it’s always been my dream to have a massive wrap-around porch!)…

Hanging bed

6. I recently saw an article on the dangers of oversleeping, i.e. sleeping for more than 9 hours per night. I honestly cannot remember the last time I slept for that amount of time. I’m just looking forward to sleeping on my back again!

7. So now that new credit cards and debit cards have that built-in chip, getting new cards and updating online accounts has been a serious pain in the butt! I simultaneously love the convenience of technology and wish I could go back to 1990 with no cell phone, no Internet, and awesome Friday and Saturday night TV.

8. Earlier this week, Jessica shared an article on a 100-year-old to-do list hack, and that article linked out to a productivity method used by Warren Buffet, which I had seen quite a long time ago. They’re very similar methodologies, and I totally need to start prioritizing this way! I definitely get myself caught up in the small stuff and bounce around from one thing to the next.

9. We had our fantasy football draft this week and it was probably the least amount of research I have ever done for a fantasy draft aaaaaaaand it showed. Not my best showing… BUT! Usually I have a great draft and a subpar year, so maybe this will be the opposite 🙂

10. TGIF! Buddy buddies! Makes my heart melt…

Joseph and Duke - buddies!

Neapolitan Pizza

This Neapolitan pizza crust is thin, crispy and has the most amazing flavor. My homemade pizza-making is forever changed!

This Neapolitan pizza crust is thin, crispy and has the most amazing flavor. My homemade pizza-making is forever changed!

This Neapolitan pizza crust is thin, crispy and has the most amazing flavor. My homemade pizza-making is forever changed!

Seriously, my homemade pizza game has been forever changed with this crust.

The idea of this pizza started months ago when my husband texted me a link to an article about a chef in New York City who lost a ridiculous amount of weight “eating pizza everyday”. Like most click bait, that wasn’t really the whole story… he ate super clean breakfast, dinner and snacks, and would eat a Neapolitan pizza for lunch every day. He said it was enough to feel like a splurge but with the super light crust, simple tomato sauce and minimal amount of cheese, it wasn’t that bad for him.

I had never made Neapolitan pizza, and I was bummed that the long article didn’t actually include a recipe, so I started researching Neapolitan pizza dough. I went down a rabbit hole and a couple of months later emerged with this recipe, which is now our favorite pizza dough!

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Friday Things

1. Joseph is 19 months old today! He still only says a handful of words, but his attempt to say new things is so adorable. He’ll spend a day...

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