Blackberry Pie Bars

These blackberry pie bars feature a shortbread crust, a creamy, custard-like blackberry pie filling, and a crumb topping. A delicious alternative to blackberry pie!

Three blackberry pie bars cut into squares.

It’s crazy that with over ten years of recipes logged here, this is one of only three recipes that features blackberries as a main ingredient (there’s also baked brie with blackberry compote and a blackberry gin fizz float). Kind of astonishing, but as far as berries go, they fall in line behind blueberries and strawberries for me, and are on level playing field with raspberries.

Instead of throwing them into a traditional pie crust, I baked them up into these pie bars, which start with a shortbread crust, and feature a very creamy, almost custard-like filling in the center, underneath a crumb topping.

They are fan-freaking-tastic.