Salsa Verde with Hatch Chiles

A traditional salsa verde recipe with tomatillos and an extra little punch from seasonal Hatch chiles.

Salsa Verde with Hatch Chiles |

It took me an embarrassingly long time to come around on green salsa. I could never see past the fact that it’s… green. Very short-sighted of me, of course. So, what turned the tide? A trip to Chipotle.

As anyone who has been to Chipotle knows, they have a mild fresh tomato salsa, a medium-hot salsa verde and a hot red tomatillo salsa (as well as a corn salsa). The mild salsa has chunks of tomato, which I don’t particularly care for, and I can’t handle the hot-hot stuff, so I settled on the medium salsa verde on my first trip to Chipotle. Much to my surprise, I loved it!

This past Sunday, I bucked the Italian food trend for Sunday dinner and had a taco bar instead. Since I had Hatch chiles I wanted to use, I decided to include a salsa verde along with traditional salsa for the spread.

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Bourbon, Pecan, Coconut & Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

Drunk Blondies - A cakey blondie with bourbon, pecans, coconut and chocolate chips! |

That’s a mouthful! Both literally and figuratively…

I had been wanting to snag the Back in the Day Bakery cookbook for quite awhile now, and when I finally sat down with it on Friday afternoon, I bookmarked recipe after recipe. As you know, I’m a sucker for good old-fashioned, simple desserts, and this book totally delivers. After I put Joseph to bed, I hopped into the kitchen and had these in the oven within a half hour.

These cookie bars have bourbon in the dough and are chock full of pecans, coconuts and chocolate chips. Such an amazing combination! (Don’t worry, if you prefer to not bake with alcohol, you can simply omit the bourbon, no substitution necessary!)

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Hatch Chile Mac and Cheese

Believe it or not, the first time I got my hands on Hatch chiles was at the end of last summer. While I had heard of them for the...

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The Weekend Dish: 8/29/2015

Happy last-weekend-of-August! I hope yours is off to a fantastic start! I’m pretty excited about our Sunday dinner tomorrow – we’re going a little rogue and having a taco...

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Joseph David - 7 months old! |

Friday Things

1. Joseph is on the cusp of crawling! He’s been rocking on his hands and knees for weeks, but a couple of days ago, he finally started moving his...

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Savory Salami, Cheese & Herb Waffles

picture A few years ago around the holidays, I was at my in-law’s house when my brother-in-law busted out a recipe he had found for waffles made with salami...

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Mixed Berry Ginger Crumb Cake

When it comes to berries, I have always been partial to strawberries and blueberries – I’ll eat them in cereal, in yogurt, by the handful and baked into desserts. I...

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