Mrs. Dill’s Chocolate Cake

Mrs. Dill's Chocolate Cake  - An old family recipe! |

Two days after we came home from the hospital with Joseph, my grandparents came to visit and meet their very first great-grandchild. My grandma brought us a chocolate cake and after days of ice chips and hospital food, it more than hit the spot. As far as desserts go, chocolate chip cookies and chocolate cake rank right up there as the utmost in comfort sweets. My grandma told me that it was a really simple recipe and that she had received it back when my dad and his brothers were in elementary school. I continue to have a huge soft spot for old, nostalgic recipes, this one was no different.

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Slow Cooker Steak Fajitas

Crock-Pot Steak Fajitas Recipe - Only 10 minutes of prep time! |

Over the last 18 months, I have become seriously addicted to my slow cooker. Prior to that, the only thing I really used it for was to make our favorite beer and brown sugar kielbasa and sauerkraut, but last January I started to experiment with different recipes and I even used it to make candy! While I discovered the most amazing mac and cheese recipe in the process, I still think the best things to make in the slow cooker are meat-centric recipes. The low and slow cooking results in meat that is falling-apart tender and that has tons of flavor.

A couple of Sundays ago, my aunt and cousin came over to visit Joseph and I wanted to have something ready to eat. I also wanted to spend approximately zero time in the kitchen, so I immediately planned on making something in the slow cooker. My husband suggested fajitas as something different, and they turned out phenomenal!

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Chocolate Sugar Cookies :: Top 10 List: Favorite Cookie Recipes |

Top 10 List: Favorite Cookie Recipes

Cookie Monster really does it right. He loves life, tackles the world one cookie at a time, and...

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Joseph David - 2 months old! |

Friday Things

1. Joseph turned TWO MONTHS OLD yesterday. Can you believe it?! I certainly can’t. He continues to be absolutely awesome and the most fun. It’s been a blast to watch...

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The Best Béchamel Sauce

Let’s talk sauce! Believe it or not, I was in the dark about white sauce for a long, long time. I’ve talked many times about eating dinner at my...

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Guinness Chocolate Brownies

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Do you have any festive food plans for the day? Maybe some corned beef and cabbage and Irish soda bread, or just a run through...

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Top 10 List: Favorite Cake Recipes >> Peanut Butter Cup Overload Cake |

Top 10 List: Favorite Cake Recipes

It took me quite awhile to come around on the subject of cake. Growing up, I stopped...

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