Peanut Butter Cup Cookies

This peanut butter cup cookies recipe is a total classic! My mom has had this recipe in her little index binder since I was barely old enough to reach the counter, and I would devour them every single year. This super simple recipe has you bake peanut butter cookies in a mini muffin pan until they’re just barely done, then a Reese’s mini peanut butter cup is pressed into the center; an absolute Christmas staple!

A peanut butter cup cookie cut in half and stacked.

Christmas baking is incredibly nostalgic for me.

Whenever I bake peanut butter blossoms or mini cheesecake cookies, I imagine being about 8 years old, in the kitchen of my old house, watching my mom bake. I can feel the carpet under my toes (yes, back in that house in the mid-80’s, there was carpet in the kitchen, if you can believe it!), I can see the floral painting on the wall, and if I walk around the corner, I can see the silver and blue garland wrapped around the staircase.

There are certain recipes that flat-out have to be made during the holidays, or it’s just not Christmas. Then, there are cookies and candies that make occasional appearances, showing up some years but not others. These peanut butter cup cookies always fell into the latter category, so I was especially excited when I saw them in my mom’s kitchen.